Burn Bright – The Beginning

Why yes, I do have a mission statement for my life.  My mission is “to encourage others to discover/rediscover the purpose God has for their lives and to facilitate their journey towards that purpose”.

Moving towards that statement of vision, my goal for this blog is to provide anecdotes and strategies to motivate and inspire the cultivation of the following three areas:

    Many years ago, a friend was intrigued with my eclectic tastes in movies – All About Eve, The Devil Wears Prada, Lord of the Rings and Stranger than Fiction probably don’t often show up on a top ten favorites list together.  As I looked at said favorites list, I realized that there was a string that connected them all together: growth.  The movies I love have at least one character who faces circumstances (whether a quiet, private situation or a huge cataclysmic challenge) that transforms who they are and how they view themselves and/or others.    Seeing this kind of change in real life, and encouraging and assisting others towards, and through, it is a passion of mine.
    No one would suspect that I am a perfectionist. For me everything doesn’t have to be flawless. My perfectionism manifests in certain specific circumstances/projects with the thinking, “If it needs to be flawless and I know it can’t be flawless, why even try?”  This is where procrastination became one of my undesired character traits. My favorite projects are those which require continual revision and tweaking, where  “flawless”  is a nebulous concept. I am in the process of climbing out of this pit and this section will be dedicated to reminding us all that “excellence” is NOT “perfection”.
    The attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.   The true definition of success will be discussed in this section.

It is my hope that readers will comment, have discussions, make suggestions, and most of all, be encouraged to BURN BRIGHT.

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  1. Pam, you’re a GREAT writer! (And you’re good with that there grammar too!) I’m so excited for you. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Keep it up! We all need encouragement and a good story now and then. And it’s good to stay connected with good friends, those we love. In the past, people did this with letters… to one person or family. With a blog you can theoretically reach unlimited numbers of people all at once! WOW!

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