Not Jumping

My business manager made a suggestion.  “I’ve got an idea totally outside of the box.”  This was going to be interesting.  “Let’s do a week-long business fast.”  I thought she was crazy.  We are still very much in the building phase – officially Burn Bright Coaching and Consulting is not even a year old yet and we only just launched our website (which you can view at  In fact, her statement came right after we had completed an overview of our strategic plan and the wave of excitement that washed over both of us about it.   I was enjoying the box we had created.   I wanted to jump in and start implementing things.  And now she was suggesting we basically close up shop for seven days – no marketing, no planning, no writing, no website tweaks, no e-mails, nothing.  I panicked for a moment, but my business manager is one of the wisest people I know.  “Tell me more…” I responded.

She talked about the vision and mission and values we had laid out in which we made specific references about not building Burn Bright for outrageous financial gain/acclaim and about not entering into a competitive mentality, but to fulfill our desire to help others, including those in the same line of business.   “The only way we can do that is to let it go, here at the beginning.  Let’s show we’re serious about allowing God to direct us – not our perception of how it should go and not just jumping on the bandwagon of the prevailing whims of the marketplace.”   See, she’s wise.

just because you can

I’d like to report that because of doing this we had amazing revelations of how to triple the reach of the business or ideas for dozens of quality products to provide our clients.  But we didn’t.  We got together on the final day and just said, “It feels like we’re doing the right thing.  It feels like this pace is okay.  Let’s stay with what we’re doing for now.”   While we didn’t have a huge change in our direction or scope, it did bring us a sense of peace.  It showed us that we both really were on the same page about what we were doing, and it kept us from pursuing actions just for the sake of pursuing them.  It kept us from thinking about the business 24/7.  We decided not to jump right now. We threw away a couple of ideas, kept some that we’ll implement, completed our business plan and goals for 2014, and then had a great cup of coffee.

It’s important to challenge ourselves and keep ourselves open to finding new opportunities and keep pressing forward.  But it’s important not to take everything at face value and not do things because “that’s the way it’s supposed to be done”.  Remember that you are not following your own course, but God’s.  He tends to think outside of the box, and he’ll let you know when to jump.

Don’t Settle

Don’t ever settle for ordinary, average, unexceptional.  I’m not talking about the scale, quantity, or fame of your achievement, but rather in the quality and influence of your purpose.  Investing in people, building your confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone, and being bold will drive you forward and bring increase.

The value of your purpose is neither in its size nor in the acknowledgement of others.  Feeding a family in your neighborhood, feeding the homeless downtown, feeding millions in Africa – which has more value?  Whichever one is done with passion and out of compassion.   Whichever one challenges you to step outside of yourself.  Whichever one is done with excellence.  And no one can really know this except you.  How many you reach pales in comparison to the quality of your reach.

Even when you’re feeling small, or others think of you as small, don’t settle for mediocre. Taking the easy route will always leave you feeling less than confident in what you have to offer and keep you from moving onward and upward in your purpose.


Getting Out of Your Own Way – Part 6 of 6

In order to fully pursue the purpose God has placed on our lives, we are looking at how to avoid self-defeating behaviors. Each week for six weeks we’re looking at one of the following:

To get out of you own way, you need to remember…

1. …your identity
2. …what you are doing
3. …your purpose
4. …the people
5. …to be strategic
6. …the outcome

For the final week:


“My purpose is all about me.”   Well, it is and it isn’t. It is about your passion and your talents and what you are doing in your life. But  in the end it’s about how all of those things put together influence and impact the world you live in. Often we find ourselves working towards only what will bring us attention, respect, etc. – getting people to see and to respond to us in the way we manipulate want them to.

Ultimately, our goal in finding God’s design for our life must be focused on accomplishing something worthwhile for Him. And God’s basic thing is relationship. That is the ultimate outcome that we shoot for. And that is where it is “all about me” – as in “Him and me.”

He stated that the greatest commandment is “to love the Lord Your God” and the second “love your neighbor.” When we lose that basic understanding, we are defeated before we even begin. The greatest design we plan, the greatest service we provide, the greatest product we develop, the greatest sale we make, the greatest goal we achieve – it means nothing. The use of God’s gifts to simply achieve greatness or self-satisfaction will bring neither.

When you are stuck and unable to move forward in your purpose, take a moment to ask: ” How is my relationship with God?”  When that is settled, you can face the challenges, side issues, and feelings of defeat with a sense of hope that everything will come together eventually and that everything does not need to be figured out perfectly. When you realize that neither the weight of the world nor the accomplishment of your purpose in life is completely  on your shoulders, it will be easier to get unfrozen and move on.

One of my favorite musical artist, Sarah Groves, succinctly writes about  the sense of things not being quite right in her song How Is It Between Us.  Link below.